2020 Design Trends

After visiting High Point, North Carolina to see new fabrics, new ideas and new products at the High Point Market, we are able to show you trends from our Fall Market Trends Report 2020.

Integrated living spaces

For many years, an open floor plan has been a nice touch to a gathering space. Today, it’s an absolute must when it comes to entertaining and socializing with family and friends. One major theme that we noticed within the market is creating a home that is both livable and comfortable, and an open floor plan of kitchen, dining and other living zones can help you accomplish just that. For example, it allows you to keep the conversation flowing with those sitting on the couch while you’re finishing meal prep in the kitchen. It also gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on the children playing in one room while you’re taking care of tasks in another. Integrated living spaces are not only comfortable, but they’re tremendously practical in today’s modern world.


While new shade and tone trends occur on a regular basis, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not always necessary to change up your color palette annually. If you are in the mood to mix things up, shades of blue, from sky to navy are trending. Pale pink and light greens are also increasing in popularity and are calming and uplifting.

curved seating is intimate and on trendCurves

From chairs and sofas to full sectionals, curvy furniture is a major anticipated trend of 2020, according to David Haseley, Senior VP of Merchandising and Marketing for Decorating Den Interiors. “Curves and round shapes associate mostly with softness and classic design,” he said. “While true, furniture with curved shapes and rounded corners can also be used in modern interiors with a retro twist. And, it makes perfect sense with the open floor plans we see today. Curvy furniture, from a practical point, is also easier to get around. Curved furniture inspires you to get closer to your family members and friends. It’s all about encouraging conversation, comfort and family togetherness.”

Natural textures

Nature has increasingly made a major impact in the design industry and is inspiring more homeowners to utilize its colors, scenery and textures, according to Haseley. “Whether you enjoy a walk in the forest, a climb to the top of a mountain or a stroll along the beach, we all want to capture those moments in some fashion in our home to constantly bring us back to that time,” he shared. From finishes and materials like macramé, wicker and rattan to natural agate and burled wood, all of these elements can add supreme sensation to any living space.

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