Using Red In Home Décor

Here are some inspiring ways to use red in home décor. Red is the color of passion, energy, and stimulation. It can be worked into various rooms in your home but before you choose which shade of red you will incorporate, it is important to take into consideration the space you will be painting. 

Go Bold

For a bold and striking look, paint all your walls in one room a shade of red. This will add drama to any room, inspiring a sense of energy within your home. Hardwood floors and light furniture are a great accompaniment to red walls and create a balanced look.  

Use Patterns

For homeowners who are feeling daring and want to go even bolder, try using red in different patterns. From tribal to floral, patterned walls or décor that incorporate the color red are certain to bring a new sense of creativity to your home. Patterns in your home allow more room for creativity with your room’s accessories, and you will have a variety of different colors to work with in a pattern.

Ignite the Kitchen

Red is known to spark the appetite, making it the perfect color to use throughout your kitchen space. For a modern, bold look, paint your entire kitchen cabinet setting red, accompanying it with jet black cabinet knobs and black stone counter tops. Add stainless steel appliances and hardwood flooring to the mix to give your kitchen a polished, professional look.

red furniture adds pizazzSubtly Hint

If you want to incorporate the color red into your room more subtly, consider using red through accent pieces. You can find pillows, furniture, drapes, or even crown molding in the color red to add a pop of color to your room. This look works especially well in a room with neutral colored walls. Adding shades of brown or gold alongside the red can create a feeling of elegance.

Use Furniture

If you don’t want to commit to covering your walls in red, use a piece of red furniture to incorporate the color red into your decor. Red shades tend to work the best with neutral colors, and can be a perfect accent to beige or off-white walls. If you have a room in your home that overplays neutrals and needs something extra, try to spice it up by adding a red accent chair or a deep red end table.


Red is a flexible color that can be utilized in many places throughout home decor. Ignite your home’s interior décor with red! For more help incorporating red into your home design, contact Marva Don or call today (208) 880-8048.


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